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Hey all!

Buster and Mario were up late last night rounding up our laundry list of problems and checking them off. Everything should be a gogo now! HIt me up in Customer Service if you notice anything out of whack!

Thanks for your patience and happy writing!



Robot Revolt!

Hello writers!

We have had a hectic long weekend of getting our new house together, organizing construction that is to start this week, and (very sadly) putting dear old family kitty to sleep. I didn’t work for 5 days while I tried to deal with all the home things and all my last time kitty cuddling. 

So of course it was the perfect time for all robots to pitch a fit and revolt! Email verification is down! Time off feature is down! Eternity is down (of course)! Email reminders are down! Password emails are down!

Luckily, if you don’t need anything but the site to work? You’re in luck. Write away! We will be working all night to figure just what happened, and how we can make it good again.

If your streak is broken due to these issues, hit me up in Customer Service and I will fix it right away!

Thanks for your patience and happy writing!!!



A little more about Eternity…

I had a nice sit down over some tea with our tech, Mario the other day. I needed him to dumb down the problems we are having with the Eternity section of 750words, so that I could really grasp the time it is taking to fix for myself, and also be able to explain it to all of you.

Basically, in very dumbed down language (I don’t speak engineer, sadly), it goes something like this:

We switched over to different servers some time ago because there are so many wonderful people using our site and the data had become so cumbersome. Storage was ridiculously expensive. To streamline, we found another provider. In that switch over, a bug happened with the Eternity code.

Our Eternity section is very special. Lots of you have written to me alarmed because Eternity has declared your words sensual or violent when they were in fact, not. What you should understand is that the data is not based specifically on what you’ve written that very day, but based on ALL the data collected in your profile since you started writing your words with us. So, every day, every entry, it compares your writing to ALL the MILLIONS of other words you’ve written. For your data in comparison to other users, it’s looking at ALL THE WORDS. 

So! Once the code is fixed for good, which we hope happens soon, the robots will have to look at all the words for all us users and recalculate your Eternity statistics. This will take a good while. Probably a month? But you know how robots are, right? They start to save and then run for a while and then you wake up in the morning and realized that they stopped sometime during the night and you have to start it again. Darn robots!

So! That’s my update as best as I can explain it. Please know that we are doing our best to fix things, even though scrapping the Eternity section altogether is probably the best fix of all. (Don’t believe we haven’t had fantasies about that).

The thing is, we really like our Eternity section, and hope to have it restored sometime soon.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience and (above all) HAPPY WRITING!

Eternity thorns in my side…

Hi All,

I’m sorry I’ve been absent on our tumblr blog. I get a little shy about writing to the world at large sometimes. 

I have also been VERY FRUSTRATED with our Eternity feature. We keep patching it and then, shortly thereafter, we start to get reports again about it not working. I have debated taking the feature down altogether, but also find all of that data so so interesting. It’s a feature I myself always check and don’t want to lose! 

In the meantime, during this eternally long drama about Eternity, Buster has been working on deadline after deadline for his primary job and just doesn’t have very much time to code for our little site. The only other person I trust with our privacy is Mario, who was at the helm in Customer Service before I took over in January of 2012. Mario is a great engineer, and has a lot of love for 750words, and would never compromise our privacy. We love him!

I contacted him last week about re-writing some portions of our Eternity feature and hopefully doing more than just a patch up job (since the patches keep breaking). He is more than happy to assist us, but is also working on a crazy deadline at work. His project ends in mid-August, and he says that he can make himself available to us at that point to fix the problems we’ve been having. 

I realize that this is still weeks away, but alas it is our best option for a real live, long term, fix. 

Thanks as always for your patience in the matter. 

In other news, I am enjoying hearing from all of you in our customer service forum and through email. It is always heartening to hear your stories and know about all the many voices we have on our site. it helps me so much to communicate with you all through these messages and know that there a real, vibrant, work being accomplished on our site. Thank you for that and keep it all coming!!

Happy summer, happy writing, and happy days to you all!

My very best,



Hello all!


Busy times here, as usual. We’ve had an important houseguest and hosted a lovely spring fling  at our home over the weekend. I have definitely not kept my streak running during this time and, more importantly, I’ve been sadly remiss in posting about heartbleed on our status blog.


The good news is that we had our old friend, Mario, fix and fortify against Heartbleed the very week it happened. We are very thankful for his help, and happy to report that you don’t have to worry about any information leak when it comes to your most private, thought streaming, 750words.


Thank you for your patience in hearing back from us and, as always, happy writing!!


Using Your Problems to Build a Business 

Fun podcast I did with Dane Sanders where I talk a bunch about 750 Words and the intersection of business and creativity. Let me know if anything resonates with you.

Eternity is eternally problematic

I know I’ve said a million times that Eternity is almost fixed but WOAH, it is still not there. We are having to manually run a script for every day since last August to fix this problem. At this rate, we are cruising through perhaps one week for every day we work.

I’m pretty annoyed, but we are plugging on. It’s going to take some (MORE) time, but we’ll get there.

As ever, thanks for your patience and support!


Eternity! Is *almost* fixed…

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to report that our Eternity feature is so, so close to being fixed.

The problem was a bit more complicated than we initially realized. We had to call our old friend and former Customer Service/ Tech support friend Mario up in Seattle to help out. Now, the robots are busy collecting ALL the words you have put into our little site since last November so that they can reassess your statistics and get up to date.

Hopefully this process will be done by this weekend and everything will once again be glorious in chart land! I will post here to let you know when everything is finalized, so that you can report in yourselves and verify that this pesky problem is overcome.

Thank you so much for all your patience about this! A special shout out to all of you who wrote in your well wishing during my season of convalescence. It has meant the world to me! I am definitely on the mend and happy to be working busily again.

Onward with the happiest of writing,


On the Mend, take 2

Hello writers,

I am happy to tell you that I am alive, but not happy to share that I managed to contact the H1N1 virus about a week after my surgery. Because I was already immune compromised, It has not been easy to recover.

I am just well enough to walk (very very slowly) on crutches to my nearest coffee shop, and hope to be able to catch up on our customer service requests there by the end of the month. I am very very far behind at this point.

Our Eternity section is still down. I still have not scheduled a work date for Buster to fix it. We are just maxed out for this month and begging forgiveness and patience from our community here, our friends, and our family.



On the mend…

Hello Wordly Writers!

I am sad to report that I am laying here in bed for what feels like the umpteenth day in a row after a surgery. As a result of my convalescence, which immediately followed a week long vacation, I am very behind on answering requests at this time.

I intend to spend some hours today sifting through my customer service requests, but will require some patience this month. 

A few quick points:

  • I am noticing several complaints that our email verification system is bugging out, and asking you time and again to verify your email. Sorry about that! We will fix it the moment we can. 
  • I am also still seeing a handful of complaints that the stats aren’t working. That will require more doing from Buster, and I’m not sure when he will have time to address it between working full time and taking all care for bedridden me and small fry, Niko. 

I will try to update here as the status of things change. In the meantime, thank you as always for your patience and happy writing!



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