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Eternity is eternally problematic

I know I”ve said a million times that Eternity is almost fixed but WOAH, it is still not there. We are having to manually run a script for every day since last August to fix this problem. At this rate, we are cruising through perhaps one week for every day we work.

I’m pretty annoyed, but we are plugging on. It’s going to take some (MORE) time, but we’ll get there.

As ever, thanks for your patience and support!


Eternity! Is *almost* fixed…

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to report that our Eternity feature is so, so close to being fixed.

The problem was a bit more complicated than we initially realized. We had to call our old friend and former Customer Service/ Tech support friend Mario up in Seattle to help out. Now, the robots are busy collecting ALL the words you have put into our little site since last November so that they can reassess your statistics and get up to date.

Hopefully this process will be done by this weekend and everything will once again be glorious in chart land! I will post here to let you know when everything is finalized, so that you can report in yourselves and verify that this pesky problem is overcome.

Thank you so much for all your patience about this! A special shout out to all of you who wrote in your well wishing during my season of convalescence. It has meant the world to me! I am definitely on the mend and happy to be working busily again.

Onward with the happiest of writing,


On the Mend, take 2

Hello writers,

I am happy to tell you that I am alive, but not happy to share that I managed to contact the H1N1 virus about a week after my surgery. Because I was already immune compromised, It has not been easy to recover.

I am just well enough to walk (very very slowly) on crutches to my nearest coffee shop, and hope to be able to catch up on our customer service requests there by the end of the month. I am very very far behind at this point.

Our Eternity section is still down. I still have not scheduled a work date for Buster to fix it. We are just maxed out for this month and begging forgiveness and patience from our community here, our friends, and our family.



On the mend…

Hello Wordly Writers!

I am sad to report that I am laying here in bed for what feels like the umpteenth day in a row after a surgery. As a result of my convalescence, which immediately followed a week long vacation, I am very behind on answering requests at this time.

I intend to spend some hours today sifting through my customer service requests, but will require some patience this month. 

A few quick points:

  • I am noticing several complaints that our email verification system is bugging out, and asking you time and again to verify your email. Sorry about that! We will fix it the moment we can. 
  • I am also still seeing a handful of complaints that the stats aren’t working. That will require more doing from Buster, and I’m not sure when he will have time to address it between working full time and taking all care for bedridden me and small fry, Niko. 

I will try to update here as the status of things change. In the meantime, thank you as always for your patience and happy writing!



Eternity Features

Hello my wordily friends!

We’ve had a lot of complaints about the Eternity stats and charts showing no data. The problem seems to have solved itself; the feature is loading fine for us. But as we did literally nothing to fix it, we are wondering if this is a fake fix.

If any of you notice the charts and graphs in your Eternity section as showing no data, please let us know! We would love to see an image of what you are seeing, so we can hash out any bugs.

As always, thank you! We hope you all have the happiest words of the season.



The features are fixed!

Hey everyone!

Buster and Mario managed to get everything fixed on Saturday morning. While I’m not sure if your points will be retroactively applied or not, things should move forward with regularly from this point out. 

As always, let me know in our customer service section if you need assistance with anything!



Feature Bugs!

Hello, wordily writers!

Buster and I recently discussed me posting more in the 750words blog, as I am at the helm here with all things that don’t involve code and talking to many of you on a regular basis. I’m excited about that!

I am not excited that my first posting here is one where I inform you all that we are beating down a big bug that is preventing email verification from happening and our Daily Nudge from going out. Our points system and time off feature is also affected by this, and I thank the many of you who wrote us this week in alert!

Buster is working with our old friend in technology, Mario, whom many of you will remember if you submitted help requests before I took over his job last January. Together, they are trying to sort out the confusion. 

Thank you all for your patience. We will have all our features up and running very soon, I hope!



Update: all fixed!

Our secure server certificate seems to have expired without informing us. Looking into it but rest assured that there is no real security breach and that the site is still safe to use. I’ll update here when the problem is fixed. Sorry for the trouble!

Experiment with New Habits Regularly: Productivity Tip from Buster Benson


Takeaway: Experimentation is the best (and only) way to learn what habits make you more productive. 


The godfather of behavior change apps Buster Benson learned a lot when building quantified self startups like 43 ThingsHealth Month and 750 Words. He discovered his most productive habit, writing, by trying new habits until he found the productivity hack that worked best for him.

Pay attention to the actions you take during the day to find out what habits make you more or less effective. Buster tracks everything: emails, tweets, photos, meals, exercise, meditation, mood levels, words, etc. He’s still trying out new habits like meditation and running, too. You don’t have track habits as intensely as Buster, but you could learn a lot about what makes you more productive by experimenting with new routines and reflecting on the results.

All of my favorite daily habits include letting some unfiltered stream-of-consciousness to the surface. Walking to and from work, meditating, and taking a picture at 8:36pm all fit this pattern. However, the most valuable of these unfiltered streams has been my habit of writing 3 pages of unfiltered, stream-of-consciousness, brain-dump *BLAH* on 750words.com.

The actual words rarely matter, it’s all about getting them out. It’s the best way I currently know that consistently helps me untangle something that’s bothering me, solve problems that I can’t quite articulate, or get something out of my system so I can move on. I always feel noticeably lighter after writing 750 words.

More productivity tips from entrepreneurs:

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There is one thing that all of these entrepreneurs have in common: they’ve all built habits using Lift. 

Download Lift’s iPhone App

Sign up for the web beta

Still my favorite habit after 3 years.

May 1st

Yup, we’re moving the date back another month, due to the fact that we did a poor job of publicizing these changes across the site. Sorry about that. 

We’ve just put up an announcement on every page pointing to the changes, and updated the Patrons page with the details. Due to the amount of feedback and our desire to keep everyone as happy as possible while we figure out a sustainable way to make this work, we have decided to give lifetime free accounts for everyone who joined the site before May 1st, 2013. Those joining after May 1st will have a 30-day free trial, and an option to apply for a free account if they are willing to make the case to us.

Please check it out and let us know what you think.


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